My fav place to go!

Belinda Segal Peters Belinda Segal Peters

Had such a great experience picking up new running shoes. I’ve been having trouble finding the right fit and being able to run comfortably. I shared my concerns and within minutes I learned what I should be looking for and had my feet in the most comfortable shoe I’d come across yet. I found just what I needed with the help of a really patient, knowledgeable, and kind staff. Would definitely recommend Running Wild and I’ll be back!

Bri L. Bri L.

I won a free pair of Saucony shoes from their raffle! How could I not give this place 5 stars? Besides that,the staff is friendly and always able to give me answers to my running questions . Thanks Running Wild

Michael Vincente Michael Vincente

We usually go to the chain stores (Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority) to look for running shoes. While the staff at these stores are helpful if you can find them they are not really knowledgeable. So we took a chance and looking for a specialty running store……

We found Running Wild on East Sunrise Blvd and hit the mother load! Robert was our salesman. A very knowledgeable, former professional pilot who just happens to be a track coach at one of the surrounding schools.

He started with my wife. Had her walk up and down the store while watching her feet and posture. Then he came up with shoe options and explained how they support her foot and had her walk around. After about 15 minutes she found the shoes that felt great and supported her foot properly.

Then he had me do the same and examined my asics which I had brought with me. He examined the shoes and explained the wear pattern. He had me try on different pairs of Brooks running shoes and I could immediately feel the difference between the various models as well the major difference from my asics.

Now your probably wondering about the price. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. The shoes averaged about $140.00 but with Brooks you have thirty days and if your not happy with them you can return them.

Bottom line is we had a great experience, we were no pushed into any specific shoes and were fortunate enough to get a great salesman who educated us about running and shoe construction. We will definitely go back in the future!

Thanks Robert!!!!!!

Carlo B.

Don and all his staff is friendly, attentive and patient! They don’t disappoint!

Jose Enrique Seda Jose Enrique Seda

Most definitely the Best Running Store in Fort Lauderdale!!!

Donald Smith Donald Smith

What a great place! We were greeted by the owner who immediately helped identify my needs, measured my feet, showed me my options and taught me strategies for good running health. I was impressed with the selection and careful attention to details. But definitely most impressive was the kindness and thoughtful of the service. It’s a testament to the benefits of supporting local small businesses.

Michelle L. Michelle L.

Got my hoka ones. ….. LOVE THEM! !!!!

Jose Antonio Velez Jose Antonio Velez

Awesome Spot! Everyone working there is very knowledgeable and will set you up with exactly what you need 😉

Meghaan Pressley Meghaan Pressley